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Contact: or Github?

Postby davidgwalker » Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:07 pm or Github?

But where to place your open source apps for development and distribution?

I started off by trying Github - sorry if you are a fan, but what a pile of shite, so bloody annoyingly clunky to get a project on there I gave up.

I then researched others and eventually registered with - what a breath of fresh air after wading through the rubbish at github.
I have put phpMySQLAutoBackup up there now:
- only took an hour or so (I spent [wasted] more time than that just reading and attempting to start a project at github)

Github does get reasonable traffic:
But is better: ... afficstats

So to conclude:
Github was terrible to use and even worse to learn, and as it gets less traffic is not at all worth the effort. is easy to use, has a very easy to use web-interface and gets the most traffic.

Save your time and go straight to

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