Review: Apartment in Punta del Faro, Torrox Costa, Spain

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Review: Apartment in Punta del Faro, Torrox Costa, Spain

Postby davidgwalker » Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:44 pm

(owners direct do not allow reviews - which is POOR to say the least)

It has an OK location, layout of appartment is good and well equipped. The rear is nice, having gardens, but the front is close to the road and you can hear it even when the doors/windows are closed.

The owners are smokers - you can smell it in all the bedding (not a problem if you smoke, we dont). Also they have a dog and all the dog hairs are on the outside settee and chair.

Unfortunately we broke a sun lounger (ONLY part broke, it was a split in the plastic - it was only a rubbishy cheap all white lounger which had been left in the sun so the plastic had gone brittle), oh no they did not accept that, we had to pay for a complete NEW ONE. Pathetic.

This is what the owner told us:
"KEEP THE CURTAINS closed else the sun will bleach our settee!"
WHAT! We are on holiday and have to live with the curtains closed.

I would not return to that apartment ever - I would sleep on the beach first!

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