Online space for backups, etc. DROPBOX works a treat

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Online space for backups, etc. DROPBOX works a treat

Postby davidgwalker » Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:14 pm

If you have not heard of Dropbox then read on...

I have just started using Dropbox to backup personal files and its good and free. It will sync a local folder in the background so you do not notice how long it takes to upload hundreds of files/MBs. It gives you 2GB space for free and 500MB extra when using my link below - sign up now:
If you use the link I get another 500MB on my account too.

And note that Dropbox will not go sniffing through all your data unlike google. Anyone using them to store raw data must out of their tiny minds.
If you have personal data then encrypt it before uploading, I use Truecrypt ( ) before uploading, its free and uses industrial standard encryption to protect the files.

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