DIY - derorators caulk - filler - reviews

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DIY - derorators caulk - filler - reviews

Postby davidgwalker » Fri Mar 22, 2013 11:29 am

I have added this mostly for myself to remind me of the good and bad as there is SO MUCH difference in quality and paintability of most of the caulks.

    NO nonsense decorators caulk from screwfix
    AVOID this shit - it goes on ok but WILL crack when painted. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME with this.

    Its cheap stuff that should only be used as a BASE filler for large holes or for sealing between floorboards and skirting boards where the carpet will hide it.

    Here: ... 80ml/43686

    Everflex contract 125 one hour caulk from toolstation
    Good stuff. Goes on easily, dries quickly (too fast sometimes).
    Paint-over with ease with NO cracks.
    The only issue is the edges are difficult to feather as it is a little thick; but use some-force when applying to get smoother edges.

    Here: ... 0ml/p26394

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