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ECZEMA - a few things to help but ultimately its your call..

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 3:07 pm
by davidgwalker
ECZEMA - a few things to help. But ultimately its you that can help the most...

1. wash/shower in tepid water (better cooler than warmer)
2. after wash/shower pad dry with a towel - BUY THE BEST BIGGEST TOWEL YOU CAN AFFORD!
3. dab cream on (do not rub in) - sparingly, better to use less than more
4. make a conscious effort to avoid damaging your skin by scratching/rubbing. Remember you are damaging your skin if you itch/scratch; That scratch is not worth it for just temporary relief (even though it feels good!).
5. avoid stress. Got a crappy job? Get a job you enjoy and will not get stressed.
6. ensure you dry properly after washing (gently pad, DO NOT RUB)

ECZEMA - Don't
1. wash/shower using HOT water
2. after wash/shower rub with towel
3. rub cream on
4. scratch (ed. you cretin, thats so easy to say, especially when it feels so good when you do)
5. get stressed

These are all my own recommendations. Hey, "how do you know" I hear you say. Well I am an expert having over 40 years experience. I have suffered with eczema off and on for years. Quite often forgetting all the above when I have a bout of it, especially when it has been clear for several months or years.

Anyhow, I hope the above helps you or someone you know, it sure helps me from time to time.

And cut out the dead animals and dairy products!
    Angie St James, former Miss England, became a vegan in 2002 and her skin cleared and her dry skin disappeared

Re: ECZEMA - a few things to help but ultimately its your ca

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:34 pm
by davidgwalker
Thoughts on betnovate and other steriod creams.....

Thins the skin? I think not. I have used it for decades and been smothered in it when I was a junior.

More here: ... rt=0#p4128

Re: ECZEMA - a few things to help but ultimately its your ca

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:18 am
by davidgwalker
During the last couple of years I have had a flair-up of eczema, on my head and feet mainly. Nothing more annoying having had a clear run for years.

In May last year a pharmacist in Egypt recommended Telfast antihistamine tablets: ... ne=Telfast
(cheaper brands are the same: Fexofenadine)

these worked well, and continue to work well, contrary to my initial expectations.

I have been taking them ever since and find my skin is much less irritated by changes in temperature which might have previously caused my skin to burn/tingle/swell/and annoy the shit out of me.

Also, now as my skin does not swell-up anymore (I don't get the kind of allergic swelling on my skin) it does not go dry as much - far less flaky vile skin. Its the allergic reaction my skin has to some environments which cause it to swell then shrink and this caused it to do dry.

Telfast for me works, I take one 180mg tablet per day - sometimes cut it to half a tablet for a few days and can notice the difference within 3 days as the itching comes back.

Worth a try for you I would say - ask you doctor. HOPE it helps you or someone you know :-)

Possible issues:
- taking a tablet each day
- seems to give me catarrh! (not on their list of side affects) I can live with this but maybe you can't!

Re: ECZEMA - a few things to help but ultimately its your call..

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:52 am
by davidgwalker
I now take these on and off, only taking them when I really need to.

Other side effects noted:
headaches, bad catarrh in back of throat, over-sensitive to perfumes to a state where it makes me feel sick.

Now I take a maximum of: half tablet when bad - currently taking a quarter tablet per day (45mg), seems to just about keep it a bay for now.

And with Fexofenadine I have found them to be less effective than Telfast.