U rhyms & sentiments. WARNING: sentimental romantic cont

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U rhyms & sentiments. WARNING: sentimental romantic cont

Postby davidgwalker » Thu Sep 13, 2007 7:43 am

You (U) rhyms and sentiments.

WARNING: sentimental & romantic content!

A play on words, especially with the increased use of the abbreviate of YOU as U. Great to send to your partner, so long as they would appreciate them.... They will probably love em.

Just a few I thought up and sent to my wife, who is a sentimental babe even after 20 years of being married to me! She loved them (almost as much as I love her), women they love this kind of stuff.

Last time we were apart I sent her these txts:
U were missing from Us last night.
U were missing from OUR night yesterday

And others:
Did you know:
U are in sure, as in my love is sure for you....
U are in surprise, as you always surprise me!

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