UK citizen? Enjoy your freedom? Read this...

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UK citizen? Enjoy your freedom? Read this...

Postby davidgwalker » Mon Jan 07, 2008 4:31 pm

ID cards are on the way, and if Blair and Gordon Brown have there way you will be carrying one soon.
And I am sure they will be lining their pockets from the profits the software companies employed to do the job.

We all know our government is pathetic at managing our details and has lost/mislaid discs with millions of person data which in many cases is sensitive. Did you know the government has lost and had stolen several laptops: ... ht=laptops
This is only a few - search and you will find that they have lost hundreds last year.
Imagine a laptop that has been used to manage ID cards - and its now in the wrong hands...

I am sure you have heard of id theft - not easy to clear your name if that happens now, without ID cards.

Now imagine if someone swaps your DNA and photo on your record on the governments database, then TRY AND convince anyone who you are!

If they are allowed to go ahead with ID cards then this is one negative issue that will arise.

History has shown ID cards can be used in a negative way:
- Nazis used them to single out Jews
- Rwanda:
Around 1 million Tutsis were identified by their ID CARDS and killed! A very real reflection of Nazi type behaviour using ID cards to single out those they hate :-(

Sign up here and show your support against ID cards:

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